Reforming Contracts

Just as school teachers and administrators have contracts by which the school board must abide for wages and other compensation, so do facilities workers. And yet, many of these employees that are hardworking and make our school system run are not given the recognition and respect they deserve from the board. Their contracts are often warped because of ambiguous language, all in the name of saving a few dollars here and there.

I am a firm believer that the school board has to fulfill its obligations to ALL employees, not just a portion.
I have heard stories from facilities workers of abuses of the hard work put into maintaining our schools. Contracts issued by the ACEA and agreed to by the board must be followed directly as they are written, as opposed to finding loopholes.

Contracts are intended to get a fair deal for both parties involved, and are to be respected in full sight of the law.

While many abuses go unreported, they exist. And as a school board member, when reviewing the contract, I would work with the ACEA to clarify potentially ambiguous language that could lead to these abuses. I would also be a strong proponent of reporting these abuses and taking swift action to correct them.