‘Teaching to the test” is a failing idea that our students and teachers have hadto participate in for too long, and it is time we change how we teach our students. The School Board must enact a policy which will cause our students learn differently, and we must do it quickly so our students do not continue to lag behind.

If Elected, I will fight to enact a policy of Project Based Learning, which will cause our students to not only learn about the topic assigned, but gain many skills in research and self education.

Project based learning will work like this:

Teachers will assign a student a topic which the student will research extensively for a period of time. This will cause our students to actually learn in our school, and not just remember a set a facts which will be present on a test, by having students become well versed on a topic. This time of research will teach students how to do research. After researching their topic the student will make a project, whether that be a slideshow, poster, diagram, etc. then the students will present their project.