Keeping our Children Safe

In the wake of tragedies in Parkland, Florida and SantaFe High School in Texas,schoolsecurity has never been a more important issue. A school should be a place of learning, where students and staff are not afraid of a tragedy occurring. Yet, very minimal measures have been taken to prepare schools for such threats, nor have actions been taken to prevent such attacks.

Prevention of Violence:

We need the Board of Education to increase the number of school resource officers on the campus of all schools by maintaining and expanding the School Boards relationship with the county sherifs office.

This will allow our resource officers to more effectively protect the safety of our students.

Mental Health:

Aside from reducing the overall stress experienced by students, having school consulers have a sit-in meetings with students who are suspected of being ‘at risk’.

This service will be available to all students who seek this service.

First Aid:

In the county, there are a great deal of supporters for the idea of adding response equipment in case the unthinkable happens. Just like there is resuscitation equipment in many places in every school, there should also be emergency response kits. These kits would include items such as tourniquets, gauze, and other medical equipment to prevent non-life threatening injuries from resulting in deaths.

While these kits are to be purchased in the next two years by the school board, two years is far too long to assume that a tragedy could not happen between now and then. As a school board member, it would be one of my many priorities to request an allocation from either the state or federal governments to permit the purchasing of this equipment, and to maintain pressure on these jurisdictions until they provide the allocation.