Teacher’s Pay

Teachers in our county can earn $67,000 a year, if they have a doctorate, and teaching for a minimum of a quarter century. Teachers in Alachua County are paid the bare minimum when compared to other counties in the state, and this is unacceptable. Teachers serve as the foundation for future generations, giving them the basic knowledge they need in order to become adults with an understanding of the world around them.

Teacher salary compensation must increase. Each year, salaries have only increased by one and two percent, which is hardly enough considering the changing economy. My goal is to have salaries increase by four and a half percent each year for the next four years, increasing them by a total of eighteen percent by the year 2022.

While increasing compensation for existing teachers, this new salary increase at all levels, for all education professionals, will attract more teachers to come to teach in Alachua County as well as maintain teachers who would otherwise be enticed to go elsewhere for better pay. This is a must-take step in order to get Alachua County back on the right track when it comes to making the county more teacher friendly.